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band update

Posted on Jan 17, 2020 11:59 AM by Prillwitz, Stacy

Hello FVL Schools Band Parents,
I have added an Update for this week. The complete Update can be found on our website.
The Saturday, January 18 rehearsal will be CANCELLED due to impending weather.

Mr. Kramer and I discussed the weather for this weekend. It looks like this storm will hit us, unlike last week's "blizzard". Other FVL events are also in jeopardy of being canceled tomorrow. The FVL Administration suggested it would be best to cancel early, to avoid the issues of watching the weather tonight and tomorrow, and trying to reach everyone in the morning with an announcement.

This way you can all rest easy, get some sleep, and be safe!

Additional Update topics this week include the following:

1. Our final rehearsal to prepare for Musicfest will be next week, Saturday January 25.

2. We are in need of Attendance Volunteers for the second semester. Check the Update for the link to the form.

3. 7th and 8th grade parents - IMPORTANT message concerning the Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, February 29. PLEASE READ!

4. Musicfest Reminders and Info - when to arrive, what to wear, etc.

5. FVL Jazz Ensemble in Milwaukee this weekend for the WLC Jazz Festival

6. Parent Volunteer Opportunities for Musicfest - sign up to assist with set up, clean up, and other tasks for the weekend.

7. We are also looking for donations on desserts for Musicfest. Details in the Update.

Thanks all, and be safe this weekend!