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Updated on Feb 24, 2020 02:34 PM by Prillwitz, Stacy
Hello FVL Schools Band Parents,
FVL has launched a New Website! Our FVL Schools Band information is now located on the new website, under the link to Future Foxes on the menu bar on the top of the page. Simply hover over the words Future Foxes and a drop-down menu will appear. Go to FVL Schools Band in that drop-down menu.
Since we will no longer be using the old FVL Schools Band website, you can become familiar with the new FVL Schools Band website. Navigate through the links on the right-hand side of the page.
Most important will be the link to Band Member News. Scroll down on that page to the section on Director's Updates. Then you can go to the link for the most recent Update - for this week it is the new post February 20 Update.
In future weeks I will simply give you the link to the Band Member News page, where you will always find links to the present and past Updates.
Also, on the blog post page, you can click on the bell icon, and then you can click on the name of the FVL Schools Band Update blog and subscribe to receive it by email when a new one is posted. The email will include the title and the summary.
Update topics this week include the following:
1. Rehearsal this Saturday, February 22. I have also provided the dates for our remaining rehearsals and the Spring Concert. Only FIVE rehearsals to go!
2. Information and schedules for our upcoming solo and ensemble event - Saturday, February 29 at Clintonville HS.
Thanks all, and may God bless your day!
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