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Band Update

Posted on May 13, 2020 02:06 PM by Prillwitz, Stacy
Hello FVL Schools Band Parents,
I have added an Update for FVL Schools Band. The complete Update can be found on our Website under Band Member News.
Update topics this week include the following:
1. Thank God for our FVL Schools Band Program! Many thanks are also given for our parents, principals, teachers, students, and our directors.
2. Music and Instrument Return Procedures - this is IMPORTANT! Instructions are given for returning the music and any FVL school-owned instruments. Dates for some schools (if they responded) are given, otherwise general instructions are there for all schools.
3. FVL Schools Band Awards - includes a listing for Attendance Awards as well as the Director's Award recipients.
4. Books Completed during the second semester
Mr. Kramer and I will be delivering any awards to the schools PRIOR to you dropping off your music and instruments. That way you can pick up the awards at the same time and will not have to make a second trip to your school. The Awards will include the Attendance Award trophies, the Director's Award plaques, medals for completing books, and medals earned for playing a solo on February 29.
Thanks all, and may God shower His blessings on all of you during these last few days of this school year!
James R. Neujahr
Instrumental Music Director
Fox Valley Lutheran HS
FVL Schools Band Program
Executive Director of
Lutheran Vanguard of Wisconsin