2020-21 Permission Information From2020-21 Permission Information
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Family Name
Last Name
Telephone *
Phone Type Area Code Number Extension
Children's Names
Do any of your children require regular medication? *

If 'Yes', please describe drug treatment
If your child needs to be transported to a hospital, do you give permission for transport? *

Which hospital?
Does your child have any medical conditions (including allergies) we should be aware of? *
If your child becomes ill and you cannot be reached, please indicate whom we should contact. (Name/Phone/Relationship) *
It is the policy of all District 750 schools, including Saint Boniface, to transport by school bus all K-6 students. Any student who does not ride the school bus must have written parent permission to walk, bike, or be transported by private individuals to their home or another destination.
Do you give permission for your child to walk or bike to school? *

If 'Yes', a written note is necessary.
Do you give permission for your child to be transported to/from school by another individual? *

If 'Yes', please list the name and relationship of this person/people.
As parents/guardians of the children named on this registration, I accept responsibility for their safety to and from the entrance of the school building. If children named on the registration take the bus, school personnel will supervise them. *
Do you agree? Name Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
My child/children has permission to go on field trips that are planned during the school year. Teachers will notify you as these happen.

We grant permission to have the name or imagine of our child/ren used for school purposes.

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