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MOL Dress Code

Updated on Jul 10, 2019 10:38 AM by Prillwitz, Stacy

Since Christian love and respect should be reflected in all we say and do, Mount Olive staff and students are expected to dress in a God-pleasing manner. Modesty, good taste, cleanliness and neatness must be important factors to consider when getting ready for school. Modesty and good taste refer to avoiding such things as inappropriate T-shirts, extremes in hair style and color, and short legwear. Cleanliness and neatness refer to your general appearance and the condition of your clothes which should not be worn-out, torn, or dirty. All students must have a pair of gym shoes reserved specifically for indoor use.

The dress code is in effect as soon as students enter the school until their departure. Failure to comply with any of the items in the dress code may result in a phone call to parents so the situation may be remedied. If this does not provide a solution, Mount Olive will provide the student with clothing that fits our dress code. Any dress code violation by a student in grades 6-8 will result in a warning. After the first warning, any subsequent violation will result in a detention. Students in 3K-5 that violate dress code will be handled on an individual basis. Since styles change, the faculty and administration reserves the right to determine what is inappropriate for our learning environment.

For the sake of order, when there are differences of opinion concerning dress, the judgment of the Mount Olive faculty and administration will be respected.

·     Christian pupils should show modesty in their clothing, grooming,andappearance (including jewelry, accessories, and make-up).

·     Clothing should be neat and clean, not frayed or worn looking.

·    Sleeveless shirts or tank tops without a shirt worn over them are not permitted. All outer shirts must have sleeves that cover the shoulders. No undergarments should be visible. This includes Phy. Ed. and recess.

·     Dresses and tops that are too short, too low, or too tight are not to be worn.

·     Tank tops or camisoles worn under a top must lie flat on the chest with no cleavage showing.

·     Shorts may be worn during Aug/Sept and May.Shorts and skirts are to be no shorter than 3” above the knee even if leggings are worn. Athletic shorts   may be worn if they are not skin tight and are made of a polyester or polyester blend material (100% cotton shorts are not to be worn). Leggings m   ay only be worn with skirts or dresses of the appropriate length and not as pants.

·        Jeans and khakis may be worn. Athletic pants may be worn if they are not skin tight and are made of a polyester or polyester blend material (100%      cotton sweatpants are not to be worn).

·     Clothing that causes distraction or disruption to the class may not be worn (e.g. writing on the backside of pants or offensive messages).

·     Hair style trends that draw attention may cause distraction/disruption for the other students and are not to be worn. (e.g. mohawks, unnatural hair color). We do allow/encourage students to express themselves within the confines of the dress code.

·     Body Art that is distracting or inappropriate needs to be covered or washed off.

·     Children playing in the gym must wear clean non-marking tennis shoes.

·      No flip-flops may be worn; footwear must be worn at all times.

·       P.E. 5-8 gr. attire is shorts (provided by Mount Olive) and an appropriate T-shirt.

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