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MOL 3-2-1

Posted on Jan 04, 2022 12:22 PM by Prillwitz, Stacy
3 headlines:
• Mr. Landon Zacharyasz, Miss Kari Tiarks, and Mrs. April Schaefer all returned calls to serve God at other WELS schools. We're happy to have them on our team at Mount Olive!
• Geography Bee took place on December 7th. 8th grader, Olivia Roberts took first place. 
• K-8 Christmas Service entitled A Light For Our Darkness, and took place at Fox Valley Lutheran High School on December 22. You can see a recording by searching "Mount Olive Appleton" on Youtube. The Pre-K program, Christmas Show and Tell, took place on Saturday, December 18.
2 dates to mark: • Wednesday, January 19th Early Learning Center hosts a Pre-K Parent Education night. • January 31st-February 4th Christian Education week, culminating in Christian Education Sunday on February 6.
1 prayer: • Lord Jesus, we are grateful for all the blessings you gave us last year, from the staff to the students to the support of a loving congregation. Bless us with a new year full of new mercies every morning, just as you've promised. Bless us for the eternal benefit of our children, and for the fame of your name